Frame, Baseboard and Legs

"Qubelok" aluminium square tubing (25.4mm) and associated joiners were used for the baseboard framework and legs to help keep the weight down for portability (a more detailed description of constructing such a framework may be viewed at the 'Bendigo in N scale' blog - the blog can be selected from the right-hand column menu). 30mm x 75mm strap hinges screwed to the side frames were used to align and hold the modules, the bottom of the hinge bolt being filed off to allow the bolt to be slipped in and out.  The baseboards (9mm thick) were sealed with 'Safari Dust', a light brown-grey colour flat paint.

The central section track plan was drawn on two strips of 'bake & cooking paper' taped together and taped to the top of the baseboard. It would be ripped away once all track is down.

End Plates

The 18mm thick by 150mm high plywood End Plates for the outer ends of the interface modules.

Cross Brace Struts Added

Following the first public display it was decided that two cross brace struts be added to prevent the slight sideways movement of the modules. Such movement, if sudden, could cause a loco or rolling stock to fall off the tracks. 

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