Only the sheep yards and associated loading ramp are included in the module area. The loading ramp is double-deck and a raised lineside walking platform for stock attendants is included. The cattle yards are outside the module side perimeter and hence are not included.
Switch Stand Signals
Four mechanically operable Main Line models (#2913) were purchased from NJ International (USA).  Three for the Strathalbyn station yard and one for the Flour Mill siding. The one adjacent to the loco shed turnout has been installed. The Yellow lamp was over-painted with Black to align with SAR practice.

Searchlight Signal
An San Mateo Line (Victoria) operable model searchlight signal has been installed adjacent to the High Street road crossing, a short distance from the northern end of the the railway bridge over the River Angus.

Train Order Signals
The prototypes are located adjacent to each other at the station building.  Models tba.

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