Friday, 19 October 2012

Turntable and Initial Track Placements

The 57ft turntable (originally a 73ft Peco turntable before being 'reduced in diameter') was test fitted into the baseboard.
Following the test fitting of the turntable, the central section track plan was drawn on two strips of 'bake & cooking paper' taped together and then taped to the top of the baseboard. It would be ripped away once all track is down.
The initial trackage was laid in the loco facilities area and one end of the station. As each electrofrog turnout was positioned, a hole was drilled for a turnout control rod (if or when used).  Initially, turnouts will be operated directly by hand. The stock rails and frog rails opposite the turnout blades end will have insulated joiners fitted. An electrically conductive grease may be used to improve conductivity between the turnout blades and stock rails.
A sample goods shed was used for a test placement. The actual Strahalbyn goods shed has the platform at the opposite end of the building.  More on the goods shed and other structures later.


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